Motivation: “DMX”


DMX is a huge influence on my life and motivated me in so many ways I can’t even explain. Honestly, DMX doesn’t ever have to come out with a new song for me to feel he’s the illest. What he’s done already will suffice because he’s left the truth with us. In every album, every prayer and every song, he left it all out on the table. I stumbled upon a poem he did about the industry and all respect has grown. Listen…

His character as an artists was amazing. No one had a voice or flow like him. This was the truth of all truths. I honestly believe a lot of what’s said. artists sacrificing what they really don’t want to for a shot at fame and fortune. Then regretting it later. Eminem to me is one example especially listening to his songs. He’s always talking about he sold his soul, or he wishes he can get out of the industry. You don’t constantly cry about something like that on a song, or on different albums for no reason. DMX as well as Michael Jackson… plenty more. I feel there is something that goes on when in that world. The reasons why certain artists we think are great don’t get radio play or the exposure they deserve. The reasons why wack artists are buzzing way harder than talented artists. The industry is not the same… I used to watch videos on how it started back in the day.. my father would fill me in on the crooks that later came and the snakes that still exist today. I don’t know much about the industry yet…. I just trust God and whatever happens, happens…. I think there’s a bigger reason as to why artists rather be independent than signed… I think it’s more than a crappy deal. –MD