40 Powerful Ways To Self Sabotage Your Success (Read & Digest)

You are experiencing self-sabotage behavior if…

You start projects designed to create your success, make some progress, then lose interest and don’t finish them.

You procrastinate doing the tasks that will actually produce the success you desire. (Procrastination is the poster-child of self-sabotage behavior!)

You worry too much about what others will think of you if you confidently promote yourself, your products and/or your business.

As soon as an idea begins to produce revenue you begin distracting yourself away from this idea and on to new “even better” ideas.

You work diligently to create a business plan and/or strategy for developing your idea into something profitable – so you know exactly what important things need to be done (setting up a website, developing e-products, building a marketing list, networking, etc.) – but you constantly do other things instead of these important things.

You tell yourself that your “excuses” for not doing the important activities are real “reasons”.

You let yourself get discouraged by how hard it is to make money in today’s economy.

You let yourself get overwhelmed by the massive money-making opportunities that all promise “riches beyond belief”.

You let yourself get overwhelmed by the massive marketing and prospecting opportunities that all promise “results beyond belief”.

You try a few things that don’t work very well and let disappointment and discouragement stop you from persisting onward.

You pigeon-hole yourself into one or two “safe” money-making behaviors that limit your revenue and income.

Despite the fact that you know your topic inside and out, you are uncomfortable marketing yourself as an “expert” in your field.

You don’t focus on any subject or product long enough to actually be an expert, which significantly decreases your self confidence.

You try to implement too many ideas at one time which only serves to diminish the focus of your work.

You spend all of your time, money and energy trying to learn how to be successful and never actually get around to doing the things that will create your success.

You don’t set specific goals for guiding your success-making efforts and decisions.

You can’t get yourself to stick to realistic long-term money strategies that will guide your spending decisions.

You set your goals as things you “don’t want” (debt, struggle) that cause you to focus on the negative instead of what you actually “do want”.

You won’t delegate.

You set your goals based on what you think other people want you to do.

You have secret fears about people criticizing you for making and having an abundance of financial success.

You have secret fears that being successful will make other people not like you.

You are afraid that if you try to create success and fail people will criticize you.

You are all talk and no action.

You make the same poor money decisions over and over and over again.

You are addicted to struggle.

You do things to create debt and other negative consequences.

You have come to believe that you cannot make money doing what you really want to do.

You’ve been knocked down enough times that it is becoming harder and harder to get back up and try again.

You have a product or service that you want to sell but tell yourself that no one will think it is worth paying for.

You constantly devalue yourself and your talents by “giving away” your services.

You acquire a large sum of money and sabotage your way to losing all of it.

You have inner programming that tells you that making and having lots of money is sinful or otherwise bad.

Deep down you have this nagging feeling that you really aren’t worthy of the success you seek so you have trouble motivating yourself to really give it your very best effort.

You have sooo many great ideas that it seems impossible to pick one and get started.

You make compulsive decisions that jeopardize your financial stability.

You know you have the potential to do more with your life, but are afraid of failure (or success).

You wish you could procrastinate less and accomplish more.

You constantly avoid completing the important things on your to-do list.

You have to force yourself to stay committed to your goals.

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