New Video: The Vaccines “I Always Knew”

Okay.. so .. here’s a little you probably didn’t know about Mike Mulaa from The Burgh. I love romantic comedies, I love romance movies, I actually enjoy cliche walks in the park, roses and flowers. I also dig love songs… in any genre. Once in a while making her dance with bands is cool… but sometimes.. a guitar and throwing a rock at her window in the middle of the night will make her smile. Keeping my ears to more than Hip Hop has saved me and my view on life. Above, The Vaccines deliver their video for ‘I Always Knew’ which is so fly to me. The classic amusement park setting and the shy like toward each other. You know that ”I wanna kiss her so bad” thought that pops in your mind, and sometimes you hint at it or she’ll hint at it. Smiles galore and playful “You’re ugly” or “you’re not cute” phrases come out when she really means the opposite. LOL. Am I lying? For me, I’m like super shy, so the girl usually breaks the ice and then I got it from there. The video is simple.. not too many scenes. It’s perfect though. Why? Their faces tell it all and you like it because we’ve all been there or are there now. I’M NOT A BLOGGER! Video directed by Jesse John Jenkins. –@MulaaTCL