Stop Complaining Part II (Read & Digest)

Everyday I walk around my campus and hear people complaining about one thing or another. I listen to all these sob stories about how you think the world is treating you bad. Then I see you sit around all day, not even trying to make a difference. Listen, if you think something is wrong or shouldn’t be happening, GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I really can’t sit around and listen to lazy people complain about things. Honestly you are tarnishing the social environment for a lot of people around you. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I have never read a book about someone who just sat around all day complaining. People say they want change, but aren’t ready for the very exhausting work that comes with it. Change doesn’t just happen overnight, it is a long and grueling process. If you don’t like it, then get out the way, stop complaining, and let the leaders do what they do best. Don’t come around me if all you want to be is mediocre and live in reality. I’m not trying to do things that are considered realistic and mediocre. Dreams are called DREAMS for a reason; they are supposed to be something you are always striving to get to. In conclusion LEADERS/DREAMERS keep doing what you’re doing! Lazy people, please stop polluting everyone’s minds with your complaints and get out the way.

P.S. Not trying to call anyone out, or be rude, but this needed to be said!!!!

Article By: Tre’ Giles