I Say Wait (Read & Digest)

So someone asked me the other day… “Do you encourage safe sex because your mom had you so young? Btw your mom is gorg and you definitely have her looks.”

Thank you. yes she’s beautiful and I’m blessed to have her in my life. I do encourage safe sex… we all make and have made wrong moves. See, my mom and pops was blessed to have a support team at home… things were still hard, but they always looked up because they knew God had em and I was a huge blessing. Some chicks are quick to get pregnant with no real plan and they end up regretting when baby daddy leaves or becomes a deadbeat. I say wait. There are diseases spreading around like trends out here… cause dudes wont wrap up. I say wait. They’re so concerned with the number of vaginas they get and put their dick condition on the line. I understand my lil Mulaa below is precious and my sperm is precious. So yeah Wrap It Up… have fun…. but take that condom run. I feel mad g’d up when I roll into Walgreen’s or the corner store and cop that box of magnums b. My girl get hype… and for those ego tripped out dudes that’s a great way to show off at the store. LMAOOOO Stay safe.