New Mixtape: Elle “Emmanuelle In Space”

Download: Elle – Emmanuelle In Space

I never really understood when blogs have a review up of a project 1 or 2 days after it’s release. Yeah, some may get the project early.. but still. To really sit there and listen to the lyrics and hear the production, the story and exactly what the artist is saying. That takes time. So much so that the metaphors are clear and the message is clear. Elle really dropped the toughest project out of CO in my opinion. A couple cats doin’ their thing in Denver, but you just can’t put “Emmanuelle In Space” down. Other than GKMC, no other songs get play on my iTunes. The two songs “Wake Up” and “Live” alone are on constant repeat. Just overall a great mixtape and I’m glad as a friend and supporter of Elle he was able to deliver his story and give us great music and give us all hope in hip hop once again. The download link is above, ya bish.


Wake UP