Nike Fuel Band (Read & Digest)

I was recently introduced to the Nike fuel band so I did some in depth research and it seems to be a pretty usueful device. The fuel band allows you to set daily goals for yourself and manage your fuel points. You can sync the band to your iphone after you download the app and the Nike + connect software, don’t worry this process doesn’t take very long. Each day the device will ask you to set a goal for yourself Nike says 3,000 daily fuel points is a pretty active day and 5,000 points is an exceptionally active day. Keep in mind you probably won’t reach that many points unless you play a sport or get in a really good workout so it’s never a bad idea to push yourself to make sure you reach your daily goal. The band comes in different sizes and colors. For those of you that were wondering, no it does not play music.

The fuelband does tell you the time, steps taken, calories burned and fuel points earned. You’ll probably notice that you will check your phone less because the information you need will be on your fuelband. Another cool thing about this device is that the app turns fitness into a social network. With Nike’s FuelBand app, you can see your best fitness day ever, your best week, or your best month. The app also allows you to see your level of activity over the course of an hour, day, week, month, year, etc. It highlights the hours of day you’re most inactive which is useful because it will push you to be more active during those times. If you connect to Facebook, you can see how your friends are doing with the fuelband, and how you stack up. It can be very competitive. For just $149 USD this device can be yours, take a look at detailed information below.

Fuelband Pros:
“It’s addicting and motivating. The mix of guilt and competition the FuelBand makes you feel pushes you to make healthier decisions.

The battery lasts a long time. It also charges pretty quickly. It’s multi-functional.

It’s accurate. The statistics are amazing. You can look at your activity by the hour, day, month or year. You can see your stats and compare them with friends.”

Fuelband Cons:
“The signup process needs to be simpler. You shouldn’t have to set up three different things. There really shouldn’t be a need to download software if you have an app.

It could be easier on the eyes and lighter weight.

It should be water proof, not just water resistant. Swimmers will miss out on the FuelBand.

If it’s going to stay clunky, it should do something else. The band should definitely be able to stream music. It’d be great if it tracked healthy eating as well as exercise.

The iPhone app and band should communicate better with each other.”

Article By: Drew Ward