Throwback Thursday: Maxwell “Fortunate”

Nothing like some Neo soul on a chill afternoon. It doesn’t get any better than a track written by R.Kelly and performed by Maxwell man and I couldn’t even explain to you how much this song moved me when it dropped in the late 1990’s. The crazy thing about this one is that this is Maxwell’s biggest single ever and the track wasn’t even used exclusively for an album but as an O.S.T… Some might remember this gem on the 1999′ original soundtrack for the classic movie “Life” starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence… I don’t know, it kind of threw me off because it didn’t have anything to do with that movie. Anyway, I still ohdee kill this song in the shower and will be forever in rotation. For the youngins out here, definitely pay attention and listen to this record if you’re parent(s) weren’t playing this in your childhood. Enjoy.