Raw Talent: “Morg Paige”


Art. Graphics. Visuals. I can’t leave it… I tried. It’s just that I was so not inspired… no new artists inspired me… every older artist was boring me. So I said to myself, let me just do my best to take this thing over. Who cares about the competition, who cares about the repetitive works… I’m just going to do me. I’m gonna take some ill pictures with the illest chip on my shoulder… my graphics will kill. AND I’M STILL PURSUING THIS TRIBE CLARITY LIFESTYLE. Screw the scene, watch me impact it… I wanna shutdown the net on some WTF did Mulaa do that? LOL… Nah, but it took two girls who are really hungry about their art, and their passion to really have me going through my sketchbook again… looking at mags and opening Photoshop and illustrator. Those girls are Morgan Paige and Mercedes(Chiiirp). These girls are dope man… Real thinkers… individuals that know themselves. That’s not inspiring? That’s not motivating? Put that with an art form and you have beauty, you have amazing.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me, it’s about the beautiful Morgan Paige. I got to know her on a conference call a while back to give her a chance get to know me and a bit of the Tribe Clarity brand and lifestyle. Opportunity was everywhere to be found. To make a long story short, Morg is a new addition to my design family along with other artists. Very special with a great style and personality to match. Oh, and I’ma need you guys understand that this team is nothing to play with and come 2013 we’ll be killing everything moving… Challenging ourselves with new techniques and new ways to deliver.. Bring the fun back in design, you know? Check out some of Morg’s previous works below! Much love. –@MulaaTCL