New Year 2013 (Read & Digest)


And finally 2013 has arrived! Thank God for another year it’s been a crazy one to say the least; Rough for some and great for others. Personally I don’t really believe that people should wait until the new year to begin a fresh start, I think that we should set goals for ourselves throughout the course of each year, a lot more will get accommplished that way but that’s just my personal opinion. For those of you that did wait until this day to make changes or start doing things differently I just want to say a few things. PLEASE finish what you start, set those goals and do whatever it takes to reach them, try to stay focused on the important things, make wise decisions, stay positive, work hard, keep faith, and stay consistant. If you mix all of these ingredients together I promise you that positive results will show. You can’t fail. Let’s start off 2013 strong and finish it even stronger much love from the tribe don’t stop working towards your goals and dreams.

Article By: Dominic Jennings