Saying Goodbye To Jordans (Read & Digest)


Trips to different states, buying J’s earlier than the release date… I’m not really the type to camp out anymore man. Jordan’s have been a very important part or music, fashion, and culture for decades. I really hate when certain people would talk down about Jordan’s because kids in the streets and the young ones coming up craved em. There was a point in time when some thought is was immature and corny to rock J’s. I never believed that. Women talked about grown and sexy, men talked about grown and sexy… but the funny thing is…. on their “grown and sexy” journey, they ended up looking the same anyway.

So as I looked at my peers, and those who thought they were too good for some 3’s.. I asked my self what was the point. For a while the brand’s popular sneaker wasn’t being worn in an impressive way. For example the cut of 6’s and 7’s are really slim so it looked retarded when worn with super baggy jeans. I started seeing more boat shoes, because some didn’t really want to leave the sneaker feel for some real shoes, more boots, and kids not even in their 20’s yet trying to jump off Jordan’s. New Balance made a strong sneaker that was popping for a while… Then retro sneakers from Nike, Reebok, and Fila. In the industry, a hit is a hit in all fields.

Jordan kicks 1-15 could not be held down. Some of the greatest sneakers in fashion history and that can’t be denied. On the flip-side, as much as I appreciate Jordan’s and will forever love the J’s I own… I noticed that in every release the material feels different. The material on the new releases especially in 2012 feel cheaper… I was feeling the homie’s Thunder 4’s, the Breds and others and I was like WTF. Raised prices and cheaper material. I got it. A smart hustler with a sneaker crave, wouldn’t wear these retros in my opinion. A smart man would seek the OGs and cop the retros only to flip. I’m content with the J’s I currently look at in the crib. I’ve fallen in love with rugged boots, brogues, the new OTW Vans, and other fittings. Putting all of my J’s in a box and it’ll be a while before I wear em again. I just don’t respect the movement as much. It’s really “let’s cake off of these kids’ hype, they don’t care about the quality”. Nah. –@MulaTCL