Tech: NVIDIA Announces Project Shield Handheld Game Console


The future is here, NVIDIA has just announced its latest offering – a portable, handheld gaming console dubbed Project Shield. Running on NVIDIA’s just-announced Tegra 4 chip – the world’s fastest mobile processor – the new console promises up to 38 hours of gaming pleasure, superb audio performance, and a seamless experience on the Android OS. Resembling a xbox console controller with a built-in HD screen, the new system features a micro SD slot, USB port, standard audio jack and HDMI output for a high-definition connection to any HD screen. Specifications aside, this ambitious console aims to redefine mobile gaming, promising a seamless experience with your computer and any games you might own from Steam’s vast games library as well as NVIDIA’s Tegrazone game store. NVIDIA has offered tantalizingly few details but expect the new console to deliver sometime later this year.