Vaportini, Alcohol Vaporizer, Lets You Inhale Alcohol


The vaporizer in question is called a Vaportini. According to Time Out Chicago, it was invented by a Chicago woman named Julie Palmer back in 2009, but it went on sale on her website for $34.50 each in December.

The Vaportini works similarly to a traditional vaporizer, in that it involves gently heating the substance until it releases intoxicating vapors, which are then inhaled through a straw. In the case of the Vaportini, that substance is liquor and the heat source is a candle.

Palmer has been serving “drinks” — we aren’t sure what else to call them — in a Vaportini at Red Kiva, the bar she owns in Chicago, since she first invented the device. Chicagoist blogger Anthony Todd got a taste of the vapor back then and noted that he was “frankly amazed at how well the flavors of the liquor carried over” from liquid to vapor. He also said that the inhaled alcohol affected him quickly, but that his drunkenness (is THAT even an applicable word in this case?) subsided quickly.

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