Architecture: A Look Inside Red Bull’s New London Headquarters



“After making waves with their offices in Amsterdam, Red Bull now showcases their recently refurbished headquarters in London. Having first set up shop in the UK in 2006, the multinational Austrian corporation enlisted Jump Studios who specialize in high-concept interiors, installations and architectural design. The brief was to amalgamate two separate offices into one central headquarters building. Located in Soho, the new offices occupy the top three floors of an existing 19th century building – including a recent roof-level extension which takes the form of a ‘glass box” surrounded by an exterior terrace which provides spectacular views of the West End. The top floor acts as a social hub and contains the main reception, bar, café and both informal and formal meeting areas. These top floor features are “stitched” together by a continuous, snaking carbon-fiber element that is evocative of the trace patterns left by skaters, snowboarders, stunt planes, race cars and bikes. Jump Studios commented that, “Encouraging interaction between employees while communicating the company’s brand values and identity were the dual aims of the design of Red Bull’s new 1,860 sq m headquarters.”