You Want A Valentine, Just Admit It (Read & Digest)


Yup, it’s that time of the year. Again. Roses, huge teddy bears, and boxes full of chocolates filling up all the convenient stores. You’re beginning to notice more and more couples everywhere, HUGGING and KISSING, and holding hands. Your stomach is turning cause it’s making you sick. You’re finally realizing how lonely you are. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, the day everyone SWEARS they hate and despise.

Valentine’s Day is a dope day for couples though. They get to show out and basically brag about how in love they are with the gifts they’ve exchanged with each other. Single people (Well, really females) are the ones I can’t stand this time of the year. I’ll check my timeline on Twitter and see girls talking about how much they don’t need a Valentine…..WEEKS before February 14th. I’ll log on to Facebook and see a girl post a status saying “Fuck Valentine’s day, I AM MY OWN VALENTINE!” and 46 bitter women agreed by clicking the like button. Saying they’ll take their bestfriend on a date…..or in EXTREME cases (Yes, I’ve witnessed this act of loneliness before, can’t make stuff like this up) say their DOG is their Valentine.

Stop it. Stop being in denial. Ladies, we all know you want a Valentine; this reverse psychology shit isn’t working. It never has. It makes you look desperate, and lonelier than a lady with 22 cats who lives in North Dakota. Don’t end up like her. Stop crying for attention. Stop being bitter. IT’S OKAY, it’s completely reasonable and normal to want flowers, a heart shaped box full of chocolate, and a stuffed animal. We know you ladies want that cause it’s in your genetic make-up. You want to feel wanted and loved. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Just remember this, you’re gonna end up lonely and die anyways, whether you have a Valentine or not. Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone.

Article By: Eyob Meras