New Mixtape: Kris Kasanova “24K”


Download: Kris Kasanova “24k”

How can one not understand that Kris Kasanova is one not to f*ck with right now. Like, I’m glad he doesn’t spit everything we hear everyday from every rapper. What do I think about the mixtape? Bodied. He has a track for every emotion and is just perfect for the that killer on the come-up. The content on this mixtape is something people need to pay attention to. Nova is a problem lyrically and been one since his 1st mixtape. This really sets fires in me… motivates me to make greatness and deliver a message trough my talents no worries, no questions. What’s my favorite track? “Paperchaser”. The influence from Juvy, the concept and message behind the game while he’s talking about things of way more importance. That Grind. The streets. Dope. This is that type of work that’ll get you on. Word up.-@MulaTCL

Paperchaser ft Tennile