Fashion Friday: “Got Style”


Style is fashion sense and swag all in one. Not many people know the difference between the three, people aren’t even hip to the fact that fashion sense and swag are a part of style. Fashion sense is knowing what’s in, what’s hot, and how to make an outfit with that. It’s knowing how to mix patterns and colors to express who you are. Swag has nothing to do with the clothes you wear but the way you carry yourself and how much confidence you have. Some people have some sort of fashion sense but no swag, we call those people Hypebeast, yeah, “we know about cha don’t buy shoes unless they popular”. On the other hand, some people have swag but no fashion sense, they make the clothes they wear look cute but the clothes aren’t necessarily “in”. Now, to be able to know what’s in and wear it right is mastering the true art of style.

Article By: Kennedy Randall