Style: Swag Champ “Cameron Davis”


Hi haters I’m back off hiatus. Favorite Kanye line right there. So anyone who knows me knows that I’m really against the “rules” of fashion.. Actually, I’d rather use the word “style”. Style is you, style is forever. It’s not only about clothes it’s about having fun and just being yourself and being happy. Personal Style should reflect the things you felt, seen and been through. You should dress from the soul. Well, that’s my point of view. Nobody can ever tell you what’s hot or what’s cool, that’s all up to you.

“Swag Champ” is something I took from one Fab’s songs and started calling my friends if I felt they had the ill personal style or inspired me in some way. Honestly, I was tired of seeing celebs getting all the praise when all these “new ideas” or trends are coming from our subculture a.k.a YOU AND ME. So this weekly post will just be us shedding some light on who the real “Swag Champs’ are. We outcheaaa! –@TRAPRDYE

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