Fashion Friday: “Tuxedos For No Reason”


I love a guy who knows how to wear a suit, now a tuxedo that’s a different story. Suits are for the business world, the everyday working man. Meanwhile tuxedos are for fancy events, like award shows, weddings, or any special occasion like that. You can mix and match suit jackets and pants and wear them more than once without anyone really taking notice. Tuxedos are specifically put together and tailored so they can’t be mixed and matched, since this is the case wearing a tux twice would kind of be noticeable. Every tux is designed, cut, and tailored differently and with different fabric, that’s what makes them so unique. Swag is a key part of wearing tuxedos though because not everyone can pull off a black tux and not everyone can pull of a colored tux. If a guy has the right swag and a nicely tailored black tux, there is no need for color; a simple black tux with a white shirt is enough.

Article By: Kennedy Randall