Indiana Bill Would Require Armed Guards In School

A 38 caliber pistol stands in front of school textbooks, isolated on white, focus on gun barrel

The National Rifle Association on Tuesday released its long-awaited “National School Shield Report,” a lengthy document that recommends that schools arm and train staff members who want to carry guns.

A few hours earlier, Indiana’s House Education Committee advanced a similar measure — but one that takes the NRA’s logic even further.

While the NRA’s model legislation would lift restrictions on guns in schools and require specific training for school employees who choose to carry guns, the Indiana amendment would make the state the nation’s first to require all public schools to have an armed person with a loaded weapon in the building during school hours. After receiving a yet-to-be-determined training course, any school employee — a teacher, principal, or janitor — could become the school’s guard, called “school protection officers.” The amendment doesn’t specify which firearms the “officers” must hold or whether the guns should be visible or concealed.

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