Weekly Wisdom: 20 Ways To Live Your Life At A Whole New Level


Feeling negative? unproductive? or a little down about the current state of your life?

Well the following 20 ways to improve your life by Messenger Collective are bound to switch things up for you

20 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

1 – Become an early riser
No phone calls, yelling kids, traffic – is there a better time for exercising, brainstorming or just having a cup of tea?

2 – Get feedback
Seek honest and direct advice to detect the weakness that you didn’t even notice but has kept you from taking the next step in your career.

3 – Get an Everpurse bag
No more panicking when your smartphone’s battery is low. These small but stylish everpurse bags recharge your phone wherever you are and make sure you’ll never miss that life-changing Facebook comment again.

If you are a guy, you can always purchase the purse for charging purposes only, but make sure it is hidden away in a back pack, unless you are into carrying a purse around in public. We’ll leave that one up to you.

4 – Make a To Do List
Take all the tasks you have to remember from your mind to paper and enjoy crossing them out when they’re finally done.

5 – Create a vision board for daily inspiration
Create a mix mash of pictures, text and goals on an A3 piece of cardboard to visually inspire you towards achieving your dreams.

6 – Get cultured
Visit your local art gallery, theatre, concert hall … burst the bubble.

7 – Prioritize
Never get to do the things you really love? Delegate, eliminate and you’ll finally be able to enjoy quality time with your kids or go for the morning run that makes you feel so fulfilled.

8 – Get an eye mask
It will help you to have that much-needed quality sleep.

9 – Meditate
Do it at home, in the car or right now. For one minute, five minutes or 15 minutes. But do it! Focusing on your breath will leave you with a refreshed body and mind.

10 – Do It Now!
Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off – enough with the excuses and get it done. Now.

11 – Make other people feel special
When was the last time you did something nice for a loved one, just because?

12 – Eat more fruit, veg & herbs
Try a delicious, healthy Apple Kale Ginger Smoothie: 1 apple, cored and diced; 2 stalks lacinato kale (ribs removed, chopped), 1 teaspoon minced, fresh ginger, juice of one orange and one lemon. Blend and enjoy!

13 – Unplug
The only time you’re not connected is during sleep. Remove yourself entirely from technology for an hour a day. Think of all the things you can do with the time!

14 – Keep a journal
This will order your thoughts, help you to see more clearly and maybe spare you those 3am wake-ups.

15 – Set short-term goals
They’re much easier to accomplish than the big dreams and will keep you motivated. And they’ll also look great on your To Do list!

16 – Turn the music up loud!
Find your favorite single and play it loud and as proud as you can.

17 – Take a 10-minute nap
You’ll be rewarded with more productivity for the rest of the day.

18 – De-clutter
Just like a clean desk at the office will make you more productive, getting rid of all the stuff you’ve piled up at home will free your mind.

19 – Enjoy a Sobremesa (Spanish: “Sitting on after a meal”)
The Spanish don’t hork their meals down and rush back to work. They linger on at the table to digest and appreciate.

20 – Try to get a bit of Sobremesa into your everyday life
Instead of rushing through it, stop to notice and value the small things.

Article By: Stefanie Vatterott

Source: http://addicted2success.com/