Fashion Friday: “White”

k west

It can be so pure, so crisp, and so bright…you know I’m talking about the color white. Honestly, I think that white is the best color when it comes to dressing. White goes with everything! You can’t go wrong with white, until it stops being white, of course. Dingy white, ain’t cute! From white suits to white tees, white fits any occasion, even the ones after Labor Day. That rule came about because people used to wear white solely to keep cool in the summer and stopped on Labor Day which was the official end of summer. It just became a rule of fashion in like the late 20th century, but this rebel generation wears white when we want. I feel like white is an all around the year color, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Wearing white doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, but if you can pull it off and have a crisp white…it’s the color to rock with.


Article By: Kennedy Jean