Fashion Friday: “My Prada Say Prada And Your Prada Say Fila”


It’s your girl Kennedy Jean, sorry I’ve been gone but I’m back! While I’ve been gone I’ve been seeing some funny stuff, generic brands. You ever be at the grocery store and see something like Frooty Circles that is clearly supposed to be like Froot Loops? I saw a few people wearing some Frooty Circle brands. For example on Wale’s song Pretty Girls he says “my prada say prada and your prada say Fila” which is attacking Fila’s immitation of Prada’s America’s Cup Sneakers. Another example is Diamond Supply’s immitation of Comme Des Garcons’ play shirt that features the heart logo with the eyes. Diamond Supply basically made the same shirt but instead of a heart they used their diamond logo. What really had me mad was Sketchers’ wedge sneakers, modeled after Steve Madden’s. I was mad because I wanted to get the Steve Madden’s and now people are going to think I have sketchers, which you will never catch me with. Cut it out Frooty Circles!

Article By: Kennedy Randall