Denver City Council Votes 10-1 In Favor Of Pursuing Recreational Pot Sales In City


The Mile High City is about to get a whole lot higher. On Monday afternoon, Denver City Council voted 10-1 to opt-in on pursuing local regulation for recreational marijuana sales beginning in 2014.

It should come as no surprise since Amendment 64 passed overwhelmingly in Denver with 66 percent voting for the recreational marijuana legalization measure and the city remains the capital of the medical marijuana industry in the state, but each municipality can choose to opt in or out of marijuana sales so it is still seen as a critical step forward for marijuana reform advocates in the state’s capital.

“I want us to be in the driver’s seat. I want us to be showing the state and the rest of the country how this is done right,” Councilman Chris Nevitt said to 9News.

But not all council members were as supportive as Nevitt. Jeanne Faatz wanted the city to opt-out altogether and several other members said they wanted to continue the regulatory process but if an ordinance didn’t address specific criteria they said they would reserve the right to vote against, according to The Denver Post. Judy Montero abstained from the vote Chris Herndon was absent.