About Us

Contact Us: For music submissions/inquiries e-mail: tribeclarity@gmail.com or tribe_clarity@yahoo.com.

Tribe Clarity is a network of leaders. “The Tribe” allows us to come together and show the world what our generation has to offer, and also get a chance to shine light on one another in order to attain our goals and dreams. Our goal is to create ways of strengthening our love of each other.

We are a group that is clear, focused, and direct. Nothing can influence us. We are open to everybody’s views, opinions and reasons. Clarity is what we strive for.

Lets all get more clear in our thoughts and expressions and stop getting distracted from all the clutter in this world. This is our way of livin’. Tribe Clarity Livin.

Tribe Clarity Mission Statement:
Tribe Clarity (TC) LLC is a new media outlet/lifestyle brand (www.tribeclaritylivin.com.) that was founded in February 2011 in the city of Colorado Springs, CO. TC promotes a group of individuals that are clear, focused and direct. We want to push the idea that everyone has the opportunity to be anything they want as long as they take the necessary steps to get there. We believe that being clear and focused will play a huge part in that journey. Where we come from we’ve noticed that everyone dreams of being a big success, which is great but we’ve also noticed that the majority of the individuals with those dreams just don’t have the focus, drive, support or confidence to go out and get what it is they really want. TC’s sole purpose is to build a network of leaders that will inspire and help others make a change for the better. Not only will the Tribe allow us to come together and show the world what our generation has to offer, but it will also give us a chance to help each other grow as individuals and become productive members of society. In this world of hate and negativity TC is also looking for ways to help strengthen our love for one another and shine light onto the beauty of individuality.

TC strives to bring the world a new twist on street wear fashion with more clarity, more simplicity, more humanity, less hate, less obscurity, less worrying, more faith, more positivity, more love, more action, less excuses and more God. When it’s all said and done TC wants to do so much more than be a media outlet and sell customers great products, we also want to make an impact and inspire everyone in the Tribe to Get More Clear.